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163: Building successful mentor/protégé relationships with Dr. Ellen Ensher

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Ellen Ensher says: "The best relationships are those in which both the mentors and protégés give and get."

Professor Ellen Ensher shares her expertise in instigating and developing mentor and protégé relationships.

You’ll Learn:

  1. How Ellen applied mentorship wisdom to double her income in one day
  2. The real meaning of mentorship
  3. The two valuable things every protege can provide even the most senior mentor

About Ellen

Ellen A. Ensher, Ph.D is a Professor of Management at Loyola Marymount University (LMU)  in Los Angeles, California and in 2017 received the LMU award for Distinguished Teaching.  Ellen is the co-author of Power Mentoring: How Mentors and Protégés Get the Most out of Their Relationships. Dr. Ensher has published over 50 articles/book chapters and consulted to a number of of organizations both domestically and abroad such as Kraft Foods, Legg Mason, Notre Dame University, the Sisters of the Holy Cross, and United States Navy. Recently awarded the Fulbright Specialist award, Ellen will be conducting research in Finland in 2017. Ellen is a LinkedIn Learning Author of two courses on mentoring. Please visit www.ellenensher.com for mentoring resources and to subscribe to her blog:  Discussions on Media, Management, and Mentoring at www.ellenensher.com/blog. You can also follow her on Twitter @ProfEllen.

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048: Creative Collaboration for Wicked Problems with Brook Manville

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Brook Manville says: "You've got to not spend your imagination worrying about all things that can go wrong, think about all things that can go right."

Executive development consultant Brook Manville shares how creatively collaborate with others to solve problems that keep evolving.

You’ll learn:
1. How to deal with “wicked problems”
2. How to channel your imagination for extra creativity
3. What the “trap of advocacy” is — and why you should avoid it

About Brook
Brook Manville is Principal of Brook Manville LLC, providing consulting and executive development on strategy and organization. He publishes on leadership, networks, and learning communities at Forbes and elsewhere. He coaches leaders on their organizational effectiveness, in the context of a hyperconnected world. He’s a former Partner in McKinsey & Company’s Organization Practice (and the firm’s first Director of Knowledge Management). He’s held senior positions at Saba Software and United Way of America. His first job was as an assistant professor of history at Northwestern University, teaching and publishing on classical Greek democracy. He’s a graduate of Yale and Oxford. Brook and his family live in metro Washington, D.C.

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045: Collaborating Beyond the Org Chart with Emmanuel Gobillot

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Emmanuel Gobilott says: "One question which you should ask yourself after every interaction... 'have I made that person stronger and more capable?'"

Leadership thinker/author/speaker/consultant Emmanuel Gobillot lays out how people really work best together.

You’ll learn:
1. What charisma actually is and how to project it
2. When collaboration is ideal vs. inappropriate
3. The four steps to collaborative success

About Emmanuel
Emmanuel Gobillot is one of Europe’s most sought-after leadership speakers and has been described as ‘the first leadership guru for the digital generation’ and ‘the freshest voice in leadership today’, He is the author of Kogan Page’s UK and US bestsellers The Connected Leader, Leadershift, and Follow The Leader. His new book Disciplined Collaboration provides further insight into new leadership and organizational models. He is the founder of leadership development consultancy Emmanuel Gobillot Limited and co-founder of Collaboration Partners, a boutique consultancy specializing in helping organizations release the value of collaboration.

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