The Enhanced Thinking and Collaboration training program has delivered over 700% ROI

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Enhanced Thinking & Collaboration (ETC) Training Program

Substantial and Quantifiable Value

  • Improved use of thinking and collaboration practices (up 10%)*
  • Acceleration of analyses in arriving at answers (1 hour per person per week)*
  • Reduced time wasted in meetings (24 minutes per person per week)*
  • Financial payback occurring in under one year*

*results described emerge from before/after evaluations of multiple engineering teams at a multi-billion-dollar technology company

The participants have spoken:
“Overall, the improvement within the team is obvious…”


[Clarification] will really help during the start of a project. I will clarify to understand the needs and what/how to execute.

Now I realize that it [pushback] is the right thing to do for the team's efficiency.


I have started to use the answer-first method. All of this is making lot of sense. I can see it’s bringing in a change to how I communicate and interact with my teams and leadership.

This really put things in perspective… usually our slide decks are too busy. I knew something was wrong, but I could never figure out how to express it.


Now I know what is increasing my stress levels and reducing my energy/focus.

I feel we can adopt so many traits from this session, especially the principles of influence.

The program is all-inclusive:

  • 10 live, 90-minute sessions for 6-18 teammates in the same room occurring weekly
  • In-session exercises and handouts
  • Face-to-face trainer contact with ongoing support and rapid responses to email, cell phone calls, and online submissions
  • Pre- and post-training team evaluation with benchmarking
  • Slides and audio recording from each session
  • Individualized Myers-Briggs assessment and reports for each teammate
  • Individual reflection prompts for each teammate after each module
  • Application challenges for all shared over an intranet
  • One-on-one accountability prompting and public reporting on individual assignment completion
  • Participation incentives

Our training clients
achieved over 700% ROI