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Happy Black Friday! Here are a few of my favorite things

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Hello listeners! If you’re shopping for someone who likes being awesome at their job…this list may be helpful! If you purchase after clicking these links, you’ll be supporting the show.


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033: Making and Breaking Habits through Design with Victor Yocco

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Victor Yocco headshot and quote “Shifting your belief is probably one of the hardest things people do. How do I start to believe things like ... not drinking ... lead to positive outcomes in my life?” from interview in episode 33 of the How to be Awesome At Your Job Podcast with Pete Mockaitis

User Experience designer and recovering alcoholic Victor Yocco speaks about habit formation–good and bad.

You’ll Learn:
1. Victor’s personal story and implications for forming effective habits and breaking ineffective ones
2. The power of teaming up with others to achieve your ambitions
3. How to use a design approach to construct and reach your career goals

About Victor
Victor is a Philadelphia-based research director, author, and speaker. He received his PhD from The Ohio State University, where he studied communication and psychology. Victor regularly writes and speaks on the application of psychology to design and addressing the design and tech culture of promoting alcohol use. He has written for A List Apart, Smashing Magazine, UX Booth, User Experience Magazine (UXPA) and many more. He is the author of Design for the Mind, a book from Manning Publications on the application of principles of psychology to design.

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032: Experiments in Productivity with Chris Bailey

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Chris Bailey headshot and quote “Attention is the ingredient of our productivity that's ... the most constrained” from interview in episode 32 of the How to be Awesome At Your Job Podcast with Pete Mockaitis

Chris Bailey’s extreme commitment in productivity self-experimentation has yielded a boatload of insight into channeling your time, attention, and energy for maximum achievement. He shares the best of the best with us today.

You’ll learn:
1. What 35 hours of weekly meditation does to your productivity
2. How to galvanize your daily attention using the rule of three
3. The power of single-tasking and claiming the missing 47% of our attention

About Chris
When Chris Bailey graduated University, he received two full-time job offers, but decided to decline them both to dedicate a full year of his life to exploring his weird passion: productivity. For a full year he did anything and everything to become more productive. His work has received national and international media attention from outlets like The New York Times, Fortune, Harvard Business Review, and countless others. The prestigious TED Talks blog said that he “might be the most productive man you’d ever hope to meet.” Recently, Fast Company called him a “productivity mastermind.” You can read Bailey’s work at Bailey is on a mission to share the lessons of his year-long journey both with his new bestselling book, The Productivity Project, and in his lectures, where he offers insights and best practices that will help everyone from college students to CEOs accomplish more.

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