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195: Wise and Effortless Decision-Making with Michael Nicholas

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Award-winning thinker Michael Nicholas addresses the changes and challenges of modern decision-making–and how to enhance your decisions every day.

You’ll Learn:

  1. The tremendous power of continually making the optimal decision
  2. The science behind how we make decisions
  3. Keys to improving your decision-making

About Michael

An award-winning professional speaker and leadership coach, Michael Nicholas helps people improve their performance by challenging them to revolutionize their thinking and behavior. His insightful, results-oriented training is grounded in 30 years of real-world experience gained through working with leaders from a wide variety of industries, holding senior business positions, and serving on active duty as a military officer. He specializes in decision-making, emotional intelligence, and employee engagement.

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194: How to Write like Warren Buffett with Elaine Bennett

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Elaine Bennett shares how to write better business messages with greater clarity and personality.

You’ll Learn:

  1. Two essential pieces of information you need to be a more effective writer
  2. How you can make a bigger impact with storytelling
  3. Winning ways to turn straight thinking into straight writing

About Elaine

Elaine Bennett had a baptism by fire as a speechwriter. Less than two years after she signed on to write for the CEO of Salomon Brothers, scandal forced the executive to resign. In stepped investor Warren Buffett. Since working with Mr. Buffett, Elaine Bennett has continued putting words in the mouths of CEOs of Fortune 500 companies and leading nonprofits. She unearths the stories behind business data and helps executives shape those stories into memorable messages. She also coaches individual professionals looking to develop executive-caliber communication skills.

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