KF #5. Business Insight

160: Sizing Up Big Picture Strategic Challenges…FAST with Paul Szyarto

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Paul Szyarto talks about his templates for overhauling businesses, the root of common business problems, and how to identify improvement opportunities.

You’ll Learn:

  1. How to assess root problems quickly
  2. Why identifying current facts is more accurate than relying on history
  3. The underlying source of tremendous confidence

About Paul

Paul Szyarto is a renowned business transformation expert. He is currently the CEO of Campana & Schott Inc., controlling all operations throughout the United States. He holds numerous degrees and certifications, including an MBA from Oxford. He is also a Lecturer at Rutgers University Continuing Education and The Wharton School, a member of the Advisory Board for Argus-Soft and DELCON Construction, and a practicing martial artist. He also teaches Krav Maga and tactical training as “The Combat CEO” at his VMMA franchise locations.

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