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031: Excelling Across Cultures with Julia Atkinson

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Julia Atkinson says: "Adapt yourself—because you will ultimately fail if you don't."

Executive coach Julia Atkinson shares her experiences coaching teams across three different continents, and provides insight into how to thrive when cultures collide.

You’ll learn:
1. The differences between Eastern and Western styles of communication
2. A quick rundown of the four different Myers-Briggs preferences, from ENFJ to ISTP
3. What is “Guanxi”? A Chinese word that worldview implications worldwide

About Julia
Julia Atkinson is an Executive Coach with more than 8 years experience of living and working in China before taking her business to the US, Chicago. 10 years of leading teams in Multinationals in IT and Telecommunication give her first hand corporate know-how. Julia uses an interactive coaching process to help clients attain awareness of deeply rooted beliefs and values and related behaviors. From that awareness, she helps them identify and implement shifts that will effect lasting change where they want it.

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