Gold Nugget #344: Confidence-Forming Habits with Jordan Harbinger

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In episode 344, social dynamics expert Jordan Harbinger shares how to build confidence and get better results..

Introverts have their own social advantages. Being quiet, introspective, and thinking before you talk can add up to introverts building relationships just as well as extroverts.

To start building extra confidence try asking for a 10% discount at your coffee shop. Often it won’t work, and that’s okay. But you’d be surprised how often it does! More importantly, the asking builds up your confidence in asking for more. Later on, when you ask for something you do deserve—such as a raise—you’ll be so much better accustomed to the discomfort of asking.

We form our opinions of others before they even open their mouths to speak. It pays to stand up straight, keep your chin up, puff your chest out, and keep your shoulders back in a non-exaggerated way. You will likely forget to do this after the first five minutes, so Jordan Harbinger suggested putting blank post-it notes at eye level on doors in your house and at the office. When you see that, you will remember to shift to an open stance every time you walk through a door.

Relationships are the most important lever in business. Relationship development is also one of the most crucial skills anyone can build. Jordan said he got many of his great opportunities because of the networks he built. Many people don’t realize that they need to leverage their network until it’s too late. So, build the well before you’re thirsty.

Listen to/read the whole conversation HERE.

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