Gold Nugget #305: Screwing Up Masterfully with Kristen Hadeed

In episode 305, Student Maid’s Kristen Hadeed shares her numerous leadership mistakes, how to learn fast, and inspire employees so much they clean toilets with a smile.

Know when and how to deliver critical feedback. Critical feedback that addresses a specific issue and how to correct it can make a world of difference for your organization. Showing an employee how they can improve and become better at their job is a valuable asset for their growth and development. Constant feedback is critical to ensure everyone is on the same page and understands what is expected of them.

Don’t over praise, but do offer praise when it’s due. Over praise can be detrimental to your workforce. When you praise employees for doing the bare minimum, they do not understand their true strengths and contributions. On the flip side, praising an employee for a behavior you want to see again is key to having them repeat this behavior.

Hire people who embody your values. Build a team full of people who share the same values and believe in your vision. When you hire people who share your values, you are much less likely to be confronted with issues later on.  

Know when to walk away. If you find yourself continually being let down by an employee, even after offering critical feedback and making a self-improvement plan, it may be time to walk away. There is a balance between holding people accountable and making them feel cared for and valued. You must find that line to make your business successful.

Build a strong foundation of trust and meaningful relationships.  Know the experiences that shape your employees and the moments that define them. Treat everyone as you want to be treated. Once you build this solid foundation, then you can move on to business goals.  

Listen to/read the whole conversation HERE.

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