Day 6 – Hypothesis-driven Thinking BONUS

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A hypothesis is just a disprovable guess you can use as a starting point to organize your analysis. When it comes to generating and testing solid hypotheses to test and guide your work, try asking yourself these questions:

  • If that were true, what would I expect to see?
  • If that were false, what would I expect to see?
  • How can I test that?
  • Can I conduct a quick survey? (BTW: SurveyMonkey Audience, Voice Polls, and Google Consumer Surveys are what I used to determine that the world is “extremely interested” in this podcast + website… and by “the world” I mean 4% of white collar workers in the United States. Very reasonable pricing.)
  • Can I pay to get a quick expert opinion? (see GLG)
  • Has an experiment already been run on this? (see Google Scholar)
  • Can I view representative benchmark populations?
  • Can I just try it and see what happens?
  • Can I throw up some quick ads in Google or Facebook to compare interest via clickthroughs?

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