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Hi, my name is Pete Mockaitis. I dig learning and sharing powerful skill-sharpening insights. I’ve delivered 1-on-1 coaching to 700 professionals from elite organizations (Google, the UN, Goldman Sachs, Apple, McKinsey…), 50 countries, and every Ivy League school. If you’d like to read the #1 performance-boosting takeaway I glean from each podcast guest, subscribe below. It’s totally FREE. And short. And fun.

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Praise for the Enhanced Thinking and Collaboration Training Program

Overall, the improvement within the team was obvious.

Now I realize that it (pushback) is the right thing to do for the team's efficiency.

Understanding the needs and how to execute will really help during the start of a project.

Enhanced Thinking & Collaboration Training Program

Substantial and Quantifiable Value

  • Improved use of thinking and collaboration practices (up 10%)*
  • Acceleration of analyses in arriving at answers (24 minutes per person per week)*
  • Reduced time wasted in meetings (1 hour per person per week)*
  • Financial payback occurring in under one year*

*Results of before/after evaluations from multiple engineering teams at a major telecommunications company